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    We're going to start by being SUPER honest.

    Creating stores that get similar results to the one above will take you months and thousands of dollars and you still will only have a chance of ever getting it ‘Right’.
    To date we have transformed 300+ entrepreneurs into millionaires.

    Chances are you have tried setting up your own store and failed miserably. Some of you have been spending hundreds of dollars and some have been spending thousands. Buying a course after course, software after software, expecting to get results.

    Wasting months of your time trying to succeed but everything seems so inconsistent.

    The problem isn’t with you, the problem is trying to piece it all together and not knowing 100% if you completed it correctly. With running Paid ads, Sourcing, Listing Optimization, Reviews, Creating Promotions/Vouchers and doing all of this 100% correctly so you can succeed… there is just SO MUCH you can miss..

    We understand how important it is to start making money. We also understand that you NEED to see returns on the money you invest in ads and more importantly… your time that you put into creating your store.

    What Would Happen to Your Income, Dreams, Goals, Lifestyle, and Family if The Recession Shuts Down Your Income Flow Today?

    Don’t Wait Until It Happens. Be Proactive. We build your Amazon automation store by following these steps:

    Setting up your Amazon
    FBA Store

    Your store should be designed with best practices in mind, in order for maximum sales. In addition, you have to set up sourcing, ads, reviews and so much more.

    Finding the Right Products

    You have to sell products that the market wants. But finding out what those products are can take lots of time and money spent in testing.

    Finding Suppliers/ Manufacturers Worldwide

    The wrong supplier will kill your business. You have to find reliable suppliers; who will provide a quality product at a good price, and will ship it on time.

    Creating Winning “Sponsored Products” Ads

    New store owners tend to lose hundreds or even thousands with failed “Sponsored Products” Ads campaigns.

    Setting Up Your
    Sourcing/Drop-Shipping Process

    A successful store must have an efficient Sourcing/Drop-Shipping process. Failure in this area would mean customers don’t get their orders on time, and a giant headache for you.

    Continuous Analysis To Maximize Revenue

    Every aspect of the sales, marketing, and fulfillment processes must be continuously analyzed, so that you know what you’re doing well and, most importantly, where you’re going wrong.


    We Take Care Of All The Hard Work For You, So All You Have To Do Is Sit Back And Watch The Money Roll In, While You Barely Work.

    Let Us Handle Everything!

    In the first step: we will set up all the basic things you need… All the store, settings, niche, even products and suppliers, we will make sure you have all the fundamentals and that you’ll be ready for launch.

    Starting to Test Your New Store

    In the second step: we will start putting this into action and create campaigns for you and start testing… We will do all the research for you and even start the campaigns for you.

    Continuously Managing and Scaling

    In the final step: we will make sure to optimize your campaigns, eliminate losing campaigns and scale continuously… We will also fulfill your orders, making sure that you spend your time on what actually matters!


    If You’re Native To Your Business or The Job Jungle But Lost In Amazon Land, Our Team Of EcomFortunes Growth Experts Can Show You The Way.

    Keep It Simple, Keep It Basic

    This is not a pipe dream. These are real, legitimate strategies for building an Amazon business that can change your life forever. Stop living the death-by-paycheck cycle and begin building a business that works for you instead of you working for it.


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